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i’ve moved!!
December 18, 2010

Assuming you will need to update your bookmarks, please note that I have taken the plunge and am moving to Tumblr.  They allow me to have my actual URL without paying for it, so there I will be.  CLICK HERE and be redirected.

And happy holidays!


the google ebookstore – i’m in it!
December 8, 2010

Juuuust in case you are one of the unlucky ones who has yet to purchase and read my short story entitled “4 Stories Down, 4 Stories Up,” you are in luck!  For today I have been notified that you can purchase it at a discounted rate in the GOOGLE eBOOKSTORE!

If you already have that story, fear not, for Untreed Reads is publishing another one of mine soon.  :)

if you are wondering…
December 5, 2010

…what to get me for the holidays, here’s a hint:

An (over)#share! for World AIDS Day…
December 1, 2010

In honor of World AIDS Day, I am reposting the essay about my trip to the free clinic.

I will tell anyone I know to never go back to the Chelsea Clinic because the people there are fucking racist.  I got there, filled out the forms, peed in my cup (and all over myself because if I touched ANYTHING, I probably could’ve contracted something dirty – a nasty bacteria, if not an STI), and then waited.  I waited and the people before me were called in, and then at least ten people after me were called in.

I politely asked one of the nurses if I had accidentally been skipped.  She gave me a discerning look (although I can tell you she wouldn’t know how to spell that word) and said in a very nasty tone, “Everyone is here for different reasons.  Sit down.  You’ll get called when you get called!”  It came with the subtitle: You over-privileged white girl!”

I sat back down in a huff and was forced to continue to watch a video made in the early 90′s about why the black population is AIDS-ridden.

A moment later, I saw a man ask her the same question.  This time, he was black.  And she took him, practically linked arm-in-arm, and said, “Boo, I’ll escort you down the hall.”

At that point, I left and made an appointment with my gyno.  Maybe I am an over-privileged white girl because I have insurance, but that nurse can go to hell, and so can the public clinics here.

…but seriously, people.  Get tested.  It’s important.  Just… go elsewhere.


I’m moving…
November 19, 2010

TO URUGUAY!  Seriously, I am going to be looking into a Fullbright or teaching something or other ASAP.  After researching them for work, look at what I’ve found:

In 2007, it became the first Latin American country to legalize same-sex and different-sex civil unions at a national level. In 2009, Uruguay became the first country in the world to provide every child a free laptop and wireless internet as well. In 2009, Uruguay became the first country in Latin America to allow gay adoption. In 2010, Uruguay became the first nation in Latin America to test hemp cultivation. Between the years 2007 and 2009, Uruguay was the only country in the Americas which didn’t technically experience a recession (2 consecutive quarters of retraction). Uruguay has the lowest Income Inequality in Latin America, and second only to Canada in all the Americas. Uruguay is reimbursed by the UN for the majority of its military spending, because the majority of its military is deployed as UN Peacekeepers.

I’m sold.  Seriously.

what do you do with an MFA in CRW?
November 10, 2010

Get a job.  One of your friends calls it being a “social media escort.”  You call it Tweeting and writing blogs for a business.  You also call it not having energy or any leftover creative juices to write in your own blog.


For an unknown period of time, you can find me here:

Work Facebook; Work Twitter; Work Blog.

There may also be guest blogs of mine on other blogs.


Blog blog blog.

Also, I’ve got a Tumblr.  It requires less writing.  If you like Brit or kittens or pretty things, go there.

a raaaave review!
October 14, 2010

My little pigeon got a very rave review on the Electric Literature blog aaaand a nice picture of us was posted on it.  I’m so proud!  <3

The standout was Blalock, a poet from Alabama, who gave me just one more reason to wish I was from the South. Her poetry was dark and a little sad, but also very funny, and accomplishing all these adjectives at once is no easy task.

this tumblr business…
September 28, 2010

I haz a Tumblr.  Which is better?  Click this and you tell me.  All of these posts are automatically forwarded to that address and have been for about a year, but sometimes I feel like I should completely switch over.

I just don’t know.

September 26, 2010

I’m totally stranded in Brooklyn today… and probably was yesterday but didn’t try to get out.  Thanks, MTA.

What do you do with an MFA in CRW?
September 7, 2010

Land an interview with a digital media company.  Get rejected from your dream job (being a professional Twitter-er and Facebooker) because they “want someone with more experience.”

Wonder if you should have mentioned your addiction to social media networking in said interview.  Wonder if you should have mentioned the short story you wrote, which was comprised solely of Facebook status updates.  Begin to wonder who exactly would have more experience.

Cry into your soy milk and Mini-Wheats bowl.