An (over)#share! for World AIDS Day…
December 1, 2010

In honor of World AIDS Day, I am reposting the essay about my trip to the free clinic.

I will tell anyone I know to never go back to the Chelsea Clinic because the people there are fucking racist.  I got there, filled out the forms, peed in my cup (and all over myself because if I touched ANYTHING, I probably could’ve contracted something dirty – a nasty bacteria, if not an STI), and then waited.  I waited and the people before me were called in, and then at least ten people after me were called in.

I politely asked one of the nurses if I had accidentally been skipped.  She gave me a discerning look (although I can tell you she wouldn’t know how to spell that word) and said in a very nasty tone, “Everyone is here for different reasons.  Sit down.  You’ll get called when you get called!”  It came with the subtitle: You over-privileged white girl!”

I sat back down in a huff and was forced to continue to watch a video made in the early 90′s about why the black population is AIDS-ridden.

A moment later, I saw a man ask her the same question.  This time, he was black.  And she took him, practically linked arm-in-arm, and said, “Boo, I’ll escort you down the hall.”

At that point, I left and made an appointment with my gyno.  Maybe I am an over-privileged white girl because I have insurance, but that nurse can go to hell, and so can the public clinics here.

…but seriously, people.  Get tested.  It’s important.  Just… go elsewhere.


If you see something, say something!
November 21, 2010


It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Four Loko gets CANNED!
November 15, 2010


So yeah, I read in the paper today that Four Loko is now officially outlawed in three states, and the last shipment is coming to NY on Friday.  I am thinking… amazing business opportunity.  Let’s stock up on that shit and sell it on the DL!  I had this same plan for Girl Scout cookies.  You know, for during the off-season.

Part of the headline explains that the drink is the equivalent of three cups of coffee and three beers.  A) That explains the heinous taste.  B) Why isn’t it called three or six Loco then?  WTF?  Bad marketing.

Anyway.  I’m serious.  Beerious?  Stock up.  Let’s start selling it.

if you see something, say something!
October 3, 2010


You can’t be serious, Tim…

September 26, 2010

I’m totally stranded in Brooklyn today… and probably was yesterday but didn’t try to get out.  Thanks, MTA.

On the L
August 27, 2010


This humpty dumpty man posts up next to random buskers and dances… like an awkward egg-man would.

Living for free in NYC
August 2, 2010

So, I have curly hair.  The picture in the banner is about 4 years outdated.  It’s not blonde anymore, either.  Anyway, the point is that it’s a BITCH to find someone you can trust to cut your hair.  It’s even more of a pain to find someone in NYC that won’t charge you and arm and a leg to cut your hair.  (i.e. I’m not paying $50 to go to your apartment so you can cut it while it’s dry and not even style it before I go.  I WANT A HEAD SCRUB. Cost vs. worth!  // I’m not paying $400 to get my hair cut at a special curly hair salon on the Upper East Side.)

So what is the compromise?  Hair school.  I went to the Bumble&Bumble academy  today to get my hair cut for free.  They are students getting their apprenticeship hours in, so yeah – they aren’t professionals yet.  But they will be!  And they are constantly supervised by instructors.  Not too much can go wrong… really.

And even if it isn’t perfect… it’s free.  NYC is full of these places.  Aveda, Redken, Bumble&Bumble, Loreal, etc.  Try it.  Even once!

July 25, 2010

Seriously, it’s as if the MTA plots how to ruin our weekend each Friday.

…good thing I’m going to Williamsburg today.

Dear New York Summer,
July 8, 2010

We’re through.

I fucking hate you.  I hate the way you smell below 8th Street.  I hate the way I am dripping sweat, only after walking a block and a half.  I hate the way there is no central air in any of your apartments because they’re fucking old and disgusting, unless located in the outskirts of next-to-nowhere.  I hate how your fucking old, disgusting apartments, gather dust faster than my old OCD roommate’s faggoty feather duster.  I hate how I only have two weeks to find a new insanely expensive apartment during the hot, sweaty summer because that’s just how your bullshit real estate works. I hate how the places here look like the run-down “ghetto areas” in any other city.  I hate how my feet are black after walking around in flip flops, while looking for said apartment, because your streets are disgusting and filled with dust and sweat and old dog piss.  I hate having to shower twice, sometimes three times a day because I have more dried salty sweat on my back than a cheap hooker.

I can’t wait to leave your pathetic ass.  Whoever decided you were the best city in the world was a goddamn liar and I want to shoot them in the groin.



i can’t believe i missed this.
July 5, 2010

Had I known that THE BIEBS would be performing at the firework show in the city, I would’ve come back from Long Island!

Sigh.  He’s so dreamy.