December 15, 2010


As you all know (or maybe you don’t), I’ve always said that Tegan and Sara sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks. Well.  They don’t when singing WITH the chipmunks, but otherwise…

Anyway, there is a recording of them singing the chipmunks song! Meta.



if you are wondering…
December 5, 2010

…what to get me for the holidays, here’s a hint:

December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas.  I’ll be flying all day, like a good Jew.  :)

December 8, 2009

Being that there are only 4 shopping days left until Hanukkah, I figured I should post a list for my friends, family, stalkers, potential quarries, and sorry suckers who happen to drift to this blog every so often.  Please note: there are five and a half shopping months until my birthday if this happens to become too excessive.

1. A new header. Obviously this blog has transitioned greatly from its beginnings as a silly gossip blog as an add-on to my resume when I was applying to work for blogs almost two years ago.  I want a new theme that is Superman-themed with the tag-line saying something like: Setting the wrong things… write.

2. A Tiffany key. Growing up, my mother was wanting to buy me jewelry, saying I’d love it later in life.  I always argued, saying I’d rather something I could enjoy then: like a Tickle-Me Elmo or a new CD player.  But later in life, is now.  I’m ready.

3. A new camera. The one I have is a Fuji POS.  I only bought it because I stupidly left my Nikon in a cab and wanted one that was the same color.  I’ve learned my lesson, lens-gods: do not buy something simply because it’s bright pink.  Go for quality.  I need a Canon or a Nikon, and although I’d like to be snooty and say I want a real-person camera, I think I still want a point and shoot.

4. iPhone. I would like for it to be June 2010, so I can acquire this on Verizon.  I’d also like these rumors to be confirmed as true.  Otherwise, I guess I would settle for the Droid.

5. Kitty. I want something cute and small and warm and soft and I want it to love me and sleep in my bed and cuddle my face and mew mew mew.  I will have to acquire this in February, after I’ve moved, though.

…more to come when thought of.

more christmas cheer
December 23, 2008


I’m a little in love with Marie Digby.

had to post this…
December 23, 2008



All I want for Christmas* is you.





on the first day of christmas…
December 16, 2008

Sara gives to you Katy Perry in a tree dress.