the google ebookstore – i’m in it!
December 8, 2010

Juuuust in case you are one of the unlucky ones who has yet to purchase and read my short story entitled “4 Stories Down, 4 Stories Up,” you are in luck!  For today I have been notified that you can purchase it at a discounted rate in the GOOGLE eBOOKSTORE!

If you already have that story, fear not, for Untreed Reads is publishing another one of mine soon.  :)


bigger than jesus!
November 6, 2010

In my Jewish/New Yorker sphere, just about everyone is bigger than Jesus.  But here is an official chart with the standings, based upon Googles.




for a quick LOL:
November 5, 2010

1) Go to Google Maps
2) Select “get directions”
3) Type in Japan for your start location
4) Type in China for your end location
……5) Read direction #43

excuse me, google?
October 12, 2010

Who was on my computer last?  Looks like a combination between my doctor-wannabe girlfriend and my kitten…

google knows.
August 30, 2010

I was trying to see why dog ears are so soft.  (I CAN’T STOP STROKING THEM!)  Anyway, I think the 2nd to last answers all the rest… somehow.

i just joined 2010.
June 24, 2010

I finally have a smart phone – the Droid Eris.  Although I just read that Verizon just took it off of its shelves… literally the day after I purchased it.  WTF?  Should I be returning to the store to get something else?  Why was it discontinued?

Gawker copied me!
June 3, 2010

Bitches stole my Google game.

Google Knows All.
May 31, 2010

Have you ever wondered anything about Jews?  I’m sure you have.

Google knows best…
May 26, 2010

There really are only a few certains in life: birth, taxes, and creatine.

how to…
March 3, 2010

I was wondering how to do something, but Google beat me to it.