a raaaave review!

My little pigeon got a very rave review on the Electric Literature blog aaaand a nice picture of us was posted on it.  I’m so proud!  <3

The standout was Blalock, a poet from Alabama, who gave me just one more reason to wish I was from the South. Her poetry was dark and a little sad, but also very funny, and accomplishing all these adjectives at once is no easy task.


5 Responses

  1. That’s awesome! Congrats! =)

    btw, you should update your commenting system to Disqus!

  2. I’ll update my commenting system once I get someone to update my banner… because as you may notice, I don’t look like that anymore, haha.

    • If all you need to do is update the banner, I can do that for you. I can also help with the commenting system.

      No rush. Whenever you feel like it…

      • reeeeeeally?? :) i can repay you in pizza or bake you a cake! i want the picture to be the one i have as my thumbnail… and i want it to say (besides “…so Sara said” obviously) “setting the wrong things… write.”

        besides that, you can have total creative license!

  3. Wow, nice press!!! I too am very proud of Brit. Lets hear the poetry when I see you both. Love you

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