Kitty Hanukkah – Nights 6 and 7
December 7, 2010

I was neglectful last night.  Sorry, it’s REALLY HARD to keep track of the nights of Hanukkah when I’m not getting a present each night.  #truestory #imaJAP

Anyway, look how freaking cute the babies are when they sleep!  Like two kittens in a basket.  Wait…


Kitty Hanukkah – Night 2
December 2, 2010

So this one is kind of Christmasy, but there is nothing more Christmasy than a Jew who loves Christmas.  AmIright?

my cats are famous on the internet.
November 27, 2010

Check it out!

What do you do with an MFA in CRW?
October 6, 2010

Take your newfound unemployment time to work on editing a manuscript you wrote as an undergrad.  Notice that RIGHT NOW is the perfect time for a YA (young adult) novel with LGBT themes in it.


Think about new names for the manuscript since it started out as nonfiction.  Think about whether these people would actually sue you if you kept their names intact.

Clean the whole apartment.  Work out in the gym in the basement.  Wish you could somehow get a grant to be able to do these things every day.

Wonder what it would take to find a “benefactor.”  (Not a sugar daddy.)

Chase your kittens around the living room.