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October 4, 2010

I may have to remove my Kanye ban because this song is just  too good.  Take a listen to (the unfortunately tagged) song “Lost in the World” featuring Bon Iver and Gil Scott-Heron.  Delicious spoken word + auto tune + good beat?  He got me.

Who will survive in America?

Related: what are the qualifications for being a song tagger?  Just sounding really tough and loud?  It is a form of voiceover, and I am interested in that…

THE Jay-Z & Eminem Concert
September 15, 2010

To steal from a movie poster, this concert was “an epic of epic epicness.”  HO-LY COW.  While I didn’t pay for my ticket, I must say it was worth every penny that was paid for it.  (Those tickets were not cheap!  The day before, some were going for $13,000!)

BoB opened.  Wish I could say I saw his set, but I only caught the last song because Yankee Stadium was a gagglefuck last night.  The crowd trying to get in the doors looked like, what I imagine to be… sperm seeking an egg.  Of course, it didn’t help that some crazy woman was swinging an umbrella at her boyfriend and patting her weave right in front of the doors, which furthered our delay.

ANYWAY!  Guess who’s back, back again?  Shady’s back, tell a friend.  I’m serious.  Pick up the phone.  Tell someone.  He was incredible!  And with guest rappers BoB, 50 Cent, G-Unit, and Dr. Dre… he tore the damn roof off!  He did a lot of old stuff and a lot of new stuff and everything in between.  There was also a personating singer doing a fine job at being Hayley Williams and Rihanna.

It may also be noted: Eminem was wearing shorts.

Jay-Z was even better!  We entered the Church of JaHOVA last night (there was even a stained glass background to prove it) and didn’t want to leave.  His guests included: Drake, Nicki Minaj, Kanye West (who kind of hijacked the first 30 minutes of Jay Z’s set), Chris Martin of Coldplay, Beyonce, but not Alicia Keys (which was super disappointing).  He did all the classics and then some.  He even covered Biggie for a minute.

The concert went well into the night.  I left early, but it ended close to 1:30am.  I was dying at work the next day, but it was well worth it.

September 19, 2009

Kanye-ify any website!

Picture 2

September 16, 2009

I have solidified my undying hatred for Kanye West by deleting his music from my iTunes library.  Except for the Estelle song.  Because I can’t take out my hate on her.

Picture 2


September 13, 2009

I cannot believe what a huge DB Kayne West is.  I’m still crying for Taylor Swift.  Look what happened!

His name was just mentioned and the whole crowd booed.  Dayum.  Also, check out his total meltdown backstage:

noted quotes
January 14, 2009

(On the posted cover by Maria Z.):

“Why can’t Kanye West employ her to BE Kanye West?”


i’m predictable:
January 14, 2009

I saw City and Colour last night.  A-mazing show.  (Minus the fact that all of Dallas Green’s fans seem to be insanely tall.  Ugh.)  Favorite part?  When they snuck the chorus of Sam Sparro’s “Black and Gold” into one of their songs.  

They did a few other covers, none of which I knew.  I wished they had done a cover of “Love Lockdown” by Kanye West.  Instead of waiting, I found my own favorites.

First?  Fall Out Boy:



Maria Z. (this one is way fun and interesting and acapella.)

January 10, 2009

Kanye West also looks like he just had his wisdom teeth removed, so I don’t feel so bad.  But could someone tell me why, in his new video, which is animated, there are pictures of The Jetsons on the wall?

Love Lockdown
October 7, 2008

Kanye premiered his video on Ellen today.  After having the song on my “this week” playlist for a few weeks, I think it’s finally grown on me.  I’m ready for the video:

I must be honest, though… what does the African tribal dancing have to do with love being on lockdown?  Can someone please explain this to me?

more download love…
September 11, 2008

Since I’m on a roll with sharing music this week, I might as well keep the ball going with Kanye’s single from his forthcoming album, “808’s and Heartbreak”.

That is… if anyone cares.  (Click here to download “Love Lockdown”.)