December 15, 2010

I LOVE your amazingly catchy song “Just a Dream” but I need to tell you… “only just a dream” is the most grammatically annoying/redundant thing I’ve* ever heard.  Could there not have been a better 2-syllable word than “only” before “just?”  This is almost as offensive as people who say “but yet”.  BUH!

Sigh.  I’ll continue to listen to this for weeks, anyway.  It’s too good.

*Brit pointed it out first.  Gotta give her credit or she’ll yell at me later!


LOLchats (text message version)
October 6, 2010

  • Vicky: if by some miracle i get this job u have to teach me grammer.
  • Me: I hope you just spelled grammar wrong to be funny

…she wasn’t just being funny.

another friendly reminder
January 27, 2010

January 12, 2010

you don’t say!
September 11, 2009

WordPress has a new grammar check for blogs.  Who needs writing workshop when you can have your own personal blog check for the passive voice, cliche’, and…

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reasons to tweet
August 3, 2009

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if you see something, say something!
July 28, 2009

This is why Coney Island is… well, Coney Island.  And not Manhattan.

May 5, 2009

What percentage of Americans screw up apostrophe placement?


if you see something, say something!
April 6, 2009

Outside of the Pantry Diner in LA:


Grammar fail.
Grammar fail.

Thanks, Rob!


punctuation police!
February 24, 2009

Why do people use the semi-colon so inappropriately?  These are the same people who use, like, 5 ampersands (&&&&&) when they want to say “and”.  &&& it’s fucking annoying.  &&&&&  so WRONG!