Qatar = Bad Idea
December 10, 2010

Rumors are a-mill about the 2022 World Cup being moved to January.  What a bad idea!  Listen, I’m all for the underdog.  The little guy.  The small country that is smaller than Connecticut.  Sure, it’s great that Qatar got the bid.  But in the wake of the excitement, there are a few things to really consider:

  • For more than half the year, Qatar is an oven.  Not an Easy-Bake Oven, either.  An oven just below the sun that doesn’t need to be powered by gas because the sun is sitting right above it and heating it up.  That kind of oven.  The average daily high during the summer is 115°F.  And absolutely no rain.  I’m thirsty just thinking about it.  Not to mention global warming.  I’m sure by 2022, the average temperature will be more like 125°F.
  • As part of the bid, the Qatar delegation promised to construct nine new stadiums and renovate three others.  This will cost approximately $4 billion, but does not include the $50 billion in infrastructure costs the country will undertake in order to handle the crowds that the World Cup will bring – an approximated doubling of their population.
  • The stadiums they are building are going to be air-conditioned open-air buildings.  NOT DOMES?  Really?  REALLY?  How is that going to be at all economical?  AND: forget about the final trophy, the real prize will be avoiding skin cancer.  Qatar officials say their system of roof-top solar thermal panels will get the temperature down to 80°F on the field.  Maybe I’m spoiled, but that’s still pretty warm.
I don’t know. I’m torn.  It’s great that the Middle East is going to get a bunch of new tourism, but why wouldn’t Dubai have gone for it?  Qatar is still developing.  Sure, this will give them incentive to develop faster, but at what cost?  Well, $50 billion, I guess!  What do you think?  Should one of the other bidding countries (USA, Australia, South Korea) have gotten the bid, or was this a good choice?
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June 24, 2009

I’m pretty sure that if death is one of the side effects, you can’t call to claim your money back…

August 9, 2008

2008 sucks for death.  It was reported this morning that Bernie Mac died.  He had been in the hospital being treated for pneumonia, which is usually easily taken care of.  His last heath update was “stable” and there is no word yet on the exact cause of his death, which may have been related to a lung condition pre-existing.






He was 50.  So sad.

July 22, 2008

We have a sad RIP.  According to Gossip Boy R, Estelle Getty AKA Sophia Petrillo, from The Golden Girls, died today – 3 days short of the 85th birthday.






Thank you for being a friend.

What do you do with a BA in English?
June 27, 2008

Notice how everyone you are listing today… is “inactive.”  Infer what you will.

What do you do with a BA in English?
June 26, 2008

Try not to think about what you are actually doing as you remove “expired” patients from the podiatry schedule.

Oh, Amy.
June 23, 2008

Well.  Everyone else is talking about it… so I guess I can make a post, despite my mother’s complaining.  Amy Winehouse is almost dead.  And I mean – almost dead to me.  She has been replaced by a plethora of other singers that are much better role models.  Kids these days need role models! 

And also, she perhaps has emphysema or tuberculosis. And maybe a drug mule hiding in her ass.

No heroes here, just heroin.
February 10, 2008

Brad Renfro’s autopsy results came back this week.  He died of an [accidental] heroin overdose.

I’m wondering, though, why are the results back so late?  E!News reported back in January that the official cause of death will not be released until toxicology tests come back in about six weeks.

Okay.  So, how is it that Heath Ledger’s only took a week?  Relevance bias, anyone?