creepy video time!

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Ok, so I was pointed to this video because it was a Taylor Swift medley and I may or may not have an unhealthy obsession with her.  The vocals are just eh, but I was GLUED to the screen because the video was SO goddamn creepy!  The way this video was edited is so weird.  Usually when one does a medley with themselves, there are boxes involved.  But the person who edited this decided that NO!  We need to have four different you’s singing to each other in this bedroom.  I just… well.  Watch it and see.

Also, do people ever really scratch their heads when they’re confused?


Kitty Hanukkah – Night 5

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if you are wondering…

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…what to get me for the holidays, here’s a hint:

Kitty Hanukkah – Night 4

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He’s so dreamy.

Kitty Hanukkah – Night 3

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I present to you, Trimpin Blalock, king of the toilet paper!  He’s so handsome.  He could be a model!



we are chock-full of hanukkah around here!

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There’s not only one but TWO brand new songs for the holiday this season.  Thank G-d because I’ve been sick of the stupid Adam Sandler one since… well… since it came out.

Plus… Jews on ice.  I mean, come on.

What do you do with an MFA in CRW?

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Wonder why you were hired to be the social media consultant at a company if they only shut down every idea you have.

Begin to look into creating your own business.

Kitty Hanukkah – Night 2

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So this one is kind of Christmasy, but there is nothing more Christmasy than a Jew who loves Christmas.  AmIright?

Kitty Hanukkah – Night 1

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For the next 8 days, I’m going to post pictures of one or both of my kittens.  Because what’s better than celebrating Jewish holidays with cute kittens?  NOTHING.

She’s famous on the Internet, you know.

An (over)#share! for World AIDS Day…

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In honor of World AIDS Day, I am reposting the essay about my trip to the free clinic.

I will tell anyone I know to never go back to the Chelsea Clinic because the people there are fucking racist.  I got there, filled out the forms, peed in my cup (and all over myself because if I touched ANYTHING, I probably could’ve contracted something dirty – a nasty bacteria, if not an STI), and then waited.  I waited and the people before me were called in, and then at least ten people after me were called in.

I politely asked one of the nurses if I had accidentally been skipped.  She gave me a discerning look (although I can tell you she wouldn’t know how to spell that word) and said in a very nasty tone, “Everyone is here for different reasons.  Sit down.  You’ll get called when you get called!”  It came with the subtitle: You over-privileged white girl!”

I sat back down in a huff and was forced to continue to watch a video made in the early 90′s about why the black population is AIDS-ridden.

A moment later, I saw a man ask her the same question.  This time, he was black.  And she took him, practically linked arm-in-arm, and said, “Boo, I’ll escort you down the hall.”

At that point, I left and made an appointment with my gyno.  Maybe I am an over-privileged white girl because I have insurance, but that nurse can go to hell, and so can the public clinics here.

…but seriously, people.  Get tested.  It’s important.  Just… go elsewhere.