i have a theory.

I’m sure I was not the only one last night to go, “OMG NO WAY!!!” during the gay bully kissing scene.  Glee’s writers are either huge morons or huge geniuses.  I am leaning toward the later, and I will tell you why.  KIDS BELIEVE ANYTHING.  Kids believe anything on television.  Kids are influenced really easily!

It’s that simple.  So if a TV show says that bullies are bullying gays because they ARE GAY, then perhaps in real life, the bullies will be bullied back for being gay.  Or will stop bullying because they don’t want people to think they’re gay, themselves.

Or maybe I’m totally wrong and this will only make it worse.  But it does get better, right?  Right?  Err…in any event, I very much enjoyed the a capella version of “Teenage Dream” and if you did not, then you have no soul.

3 Responses

  1. LIKE. Though, I must say that it’s completely possible that the kid was bullying him because he was a closet gay and didn’t want to believe it – I’ve seen that happen in real life. But, nevertheless, your post is awesome. Glee is awesome too!


    I don’t know WTF happened over here, but I DID NOT GET TO SEE IT. I was SO CONFUSED when Kurt confronted the bully. (I was also confused when Puck apologized for bullying — they didn’t show the scene he was apologizing for!). Then again, I’m stuck in a good ol’ red state.

    While I deeply love and respect Glee, I’m ambivalent regarding its queerness. In some ways, it’s remarkable and totally outdoes itself; however, they oftentimes undo their queering and leave me miserable at the end of the episode. I’d love to get together with some academics who adore Glee and write to the producers/directors/writers… not that they would care, but I think something should be done! :P

    Sorry this is poorly written. I know it’s not a good excuse, but I’m rushing — reading/commenting from work. Sigh.

  3. Please note my tweet/fb status. I was watching season 2 of Buffy last night, and I saw that exact same scene. Well, minus the gay kiss.

    I just feel like Glee has gotten incredibly lazy… Thank god for the Teenage Dream number, though!

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