In support of GLBT awareness/solidarity month, I am urging you to partake in supporting GLBT writers. Education begins with literacy. Open-mindedness stems from education. These things go hand in hand! There is going to be a big sale this weekend at Rainbow eBooks in support of this.  Please click here to support a slew of authors that are taking a bold chance in writing about “the alternative” in hopes that it can one day be the mainstream.  My story is the first one on the list, “4 Stories Down, 4 Stories Up.” But definitely check out the others!


If you are more inclined to get it directly on your eReader or mobile device, my story is also available in the iBook store: click here. If you have a Kindle, it’s also available on Amazon: click here.

I/we really appreciate the support!  If someone can make people hyper-aware of vampires, then we can do this.  Seriously.  Please re-blog this or send it to your friends and help fight the fight!


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  1. i want it

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