mark my words!

Ever notice that only little girls and lesbians dig the Biebs?  MARK MY WORDS, PEOPLE.  Justin Bieber is going to be responsible for an entire generation of little girls growing up to be gay.  He’s totally the new Hanson.

I don’t hate it.



5 Responses

  1. Why??? Just because you did?>??? I don’t get the correlation my dear girl. Girls liking boys??? Then they become gay???

  2. hahahaha. the correlation is girls liking boys that look like girls. then just liking girls. duh.

  3. What would be really great is if he took a few years off and then came back with some really great acoustic/indie music with real meaning.

  4. It might be great if he just took a couple of years off forever.

  5. Yessssssssss…I would agree.

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