social media etiquette

I really want to write (or co-write… ahem, Donnie!) a book or a pamphlet or something on social media etiquette.  Here would be one of the key points:

– Passive-Aggressive Blogging:

When someone, namely an ex (either relationship or friend) posts things on their Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook/Xanga/LiveJournal that are very clearly directed at you, you have two choices: to either ignore them or respond.  Unfortunately, when you respond – whether it be directly or indirectly (thus paying the passive-aggresivity forward), you are labeled the stalker for looking in the first place.  This isn’t fair, but that’s just how it is.  Social media etiquette says the asshole shouldn’t have posted something to begin with, but you need to take the high road and not respond.

Stay tuned til next time, when I discuss things like proper Retweet format.  (You have NO IDEA how many people get this totally wrong!)


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