DIY Beer!

Now, I’m a huge baby when it comes to drinking and can’t do much more than an occasional Lambic, but I know a lot of people who are really into beer.  And a lot of those people are really into specialty craft beers.  Well, here’s an idea (a relatively cheap one) for a version of 20-something arts&crafts: Craft-A-Brew.

The kit ($40) comes with everything it takes to make your own beer, and the initial ingredients for your first batch!  What this kit has over other ones is that you can make more than just a lager or a pale ale.  With this kit, you have the option of Pale Ale, Wheat Beer (Heferweizen), and Brown Ale.  I’m going to contact the owner of the business/website (Kyle Westfall) to see if I can get a wheat kit, add tons of fruit to it, and make myself something like the Framboise Lambic… mmm… sweet.  If not, I’m sure the rest of my seasoned-drinking friends would be into crafting their own beer.

You could even get creative and make your own decorative bottles!  Check out the website here and get brewing!


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  1. I’m brewing beer! I’m bottling this weekend. It’s a Strawberry Blonde Ale. I miss you.

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