Living a Better Story

As a nonfiction writer, I have a very serious syndrome that I like to call DIFTS.  That’s Do It For The Story.  Sometimes I find myself in incredibly outlandish situations, just because I know they’d be perfectly stored in the cache of my mind for story-telling later on.  In the end, some of my relationships suffer from it because people know me as the story-teller or the writer, and wonder if I’m just hanging around for material.

Most of the time, the answer used to be “yes.”  But since college, I’ve turned over a new leaf.  I’m trying my hand at writing more about myself than about other people.  I’m writing about ideas and things instead of drama.

I’m also looking for a new story to write.  Everything up until this point has involved interpersonal relationships.  I want to write about going places.  I want to go places.  I want to write about an experience in Portland.  I want to finally document my trip to Europe.  I’m looking for the perfect mode with which to do that.

I would love to attend the Living a Better Story conference because I am interested to hear the advice that Don Miller has to offer.  As an aspiring book-seller, I definitely respect a person who has turned out so many well-selling books.

After selling a short story to Untreed Reads and having it sell now on Amazon, iTunes, and a few other venues, I’m hooked and want to better my story to better my writing.  I think that can come from bettering myself and my story.  I’ve come a little way by using an elevator as a container for the previously mentioned story.  Who knows what I’ll be able to do with a bus, or an airplane, or the Eurorail!

Anyway, this is the contest I’m trying to win!  So wish me luck…


2 Responses

  1. LOVE IT SARA! Thanks for entering!!!

  2. I wish you all the luck you think you might need, but my dear, you already have the talent!! Maybe he can tweak what is already grand :) Go for it, I am behind you . Do we need votes, I will stand on the street corners

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