EVO vs. iPhone response

Gonna have to agree with the shitty battery bit… anyone with an Android phone (ahem, Dru) wanna tell me how to optimize battery so that it isn’t completely dead by 9pm?


4 Responses

  1. Don’t use your phone for anything but phone calls?

  2. there are plenty of tutorials out there. you can pretty much customize the hell out of it to really optimize your battery experience, but honestly most android phones have comparable battery life (or better) than the 3gs. not sure about the eres.

    that’s part of what you get with android vs iphone; iOS4 has a very limited “multitasking” component and horrible notification/push system, android’s is great…but battery life is weaker for it. it’s a trade-off.

  3. does your phone have the feature, talk yor text?

    • also, how about a purchase of back up battery???

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