i just joined 2010.

I finally have a smart phone – the Droid Eris.  Although I just read that Verizon just took it off of its shelves… literally the day after I purchased it.  WTF?  Should I be returning to the store to get something else?  Why was it discontinued?


2 Responses

  1. No one knows, there haven’t been any reports of any defects or anything…it’s probably just that the Droid X and Droid 2 are about to come out.

    You’d think they’d get rid of the Moto Devour which just plain sucks…why didn’t you pick up the Ally? I guess the Eris is cuter.

  2. Yeah, I read up on it… and it seems as though people preferred the bigger screen of the Droid and the flip out keyboard – neither of which were desirable features to me. So I guess I lucked out… by a day!

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