Living for Free

It has been almost a year since I’ve paid for a movie ticket.  And thank goodness, because they’re up to $13 now in NYC, which is INSANE!

How do I do this?  I have a good friend called The Screening Exchange.  This is a company that gathers people in certain demographics to view movies before their release (which is awesome in of itself), but as an added bonus: you receive two free passes for your time!

These add up.  These are wonderful.

I’m not sure whether this exists outside of NYC, but if you are here and you ever see a man or woman outside of a theater with a sign that says “Free Movie Passes,” go talk to them.  Go see the movie they’re advertising (in fact, I’m seeing one this evening), and then you will be handsomely rewarded.

I have 6 movie passes right now in my room at home.  That’s like… $80 worth right there.


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  1. so…when are you taking me to the movies?

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