SATC2: a review of reviews

Subtitle: Why Thomas Rogers of and Lindy West of  the stranger are either NOT from NYC or Simpsons fans.

In Rogers’ review, he states that the SATC2 movie is bad for gays.  Does he know any gays besides himself?  Furthermore, does he know any gays in NYC?  Is he from Iowa?  I’m sorry if the movie is bringing us back to what he thinks is the minstrel times for homosexual men, but he clearly does not know many.  Stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason.  And I can think of maybe one or two gay men who would not die for the chance to have Liza Minelli do a Beyonce routine at their wedding.  And those one or two do not live in NYC.

And to go on to discuss the other issues people seem to be having, mainly the racism, again, I say: stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason. Was it a bit over the top for Charlotte to use her maiden name because she was “in the Middle East?”  Yes.  However, are most American travelers not advised to wear a Canadian flag on their backpacks when going to Europe?  (Or, at least, this was when Bush was president.)

Furthermore, Rogers goes on to say:

“Part of what made the original HBO show so important was its ability to keep its finger on the pulse: From its relationship dilemmas to its frank sexual talk, the show prided itself on being hip and edgy. The movies, by contrast, are a testament to what happens when people lose touch. They feel insincere, overblown, transparently commercial…”

I find this all to be distinctly untrue.  There are still relationship dilemmas.  The characters were also ripped apart in this review on  I totally disagree:

Carrie & Big’s marriage – yes, in long-term relationships, getting too comfortable is, indeed, an issue.  Wives turn naggy.  Men get comfortable and want to sit on the couch and watch television.  This is a normal and boring problem.  What’s the issue with it?  Are you jealous of the nice couch?  I know I was.

Miranda’s work vs. home lifestyle – which I do not think goes to say that women should NOT work, as that is absurd.  It goes to say that as a lawyer, it is a very difficult and delicate balance.

Samantha’s relationship with herself, which was totally valid, as most menopausal women go through this sort of thing.  Did the reviewer not have a mother?  A grandmother?  Raised by wolves?  Not in touch much?

And of course, Charlotte having doubts about the nanny.  The twist at the end with the nanny was brilliant, BTW.  As a nanny, I can 100% attest to it being more difficult to raise children in NYC.  You can’t open the door and throw them in the backyard and say, “Go!”  You have to be watching at all times.  It’s total bullshit.  The only thing Charlotte can be blamed for is raising children here.  Horrible decision.

These characters (or the writers for them) have NOT lost touch.  They have matured and aged.  This is not The Simpsons, where every character is static for the duration of the show.  Marriage and babies happen, jobs get bigger, people move on.


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  1. YESSSS!!!! Loved it and this.

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