Living for Free

Craig’s List may be shady as hell when it comes to certain things, like personal ads or the job hunt, but I still find myself perusing the website from time to time.  This time, it was the “free” section.  I don’t know why I clicked on it.  I never had before.  But something in me was harboring a tinge of curiosity.  There were free packages of diapers, free old mattresses (some with bed bugs, some without), and what I found to be of interest: free hair care.

Usually these are dingy salons that need “hair models.”  And by “hair models,” they mean: “let us chop your hair completely off and make you look like you may have wanted to when you were going through your pseudo-punk pixie stage back in ’01.”  Or something like that.  “The Victoria Beckham” or whatever.

Either way… this one was just “free hair coloring.”  And so I decided to inquire within.  A friend of mine had done something similar once, and found herself in China Town, surrounded by Asians (not to stereotype…) speaking Korean and putting who-knows-what in her hair.  I was half-expecting something like that.  And I was half-expecting to be pulled into a basement and chopped up into pieces.  At best, I was expecting to leave with orange hair.  “Women wanted for hair dye testing”?  I mean c’mon.

This was not the case for me.  I found myself in the West Village/SoHo area at the official L’Oreal hair care testing facility… for the country.  Like, people who work for salons fly in from all over the place to test out new products.

And it so happened that the product was “10 years in the making” ammonia-free special conditioning dye.  And it just so happened that the people doing my hair were super sweet and matched my natural color.  So now my hair is pretty and glossy and “resilient” like I heard once in a Revlon commercial.

I’m going to test the waters on you, Craig’s List.  Let’s see what else I can get.


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