What do you do with an MFA in CRW?

So, now that things are more official, I can start this blog instead of the BA in English one.  Plus, I got sick of singing Avenue Q each time.  (Actually I didn’t, but I wanted to reference the musical one last time.)

In this post, I will be discussing submissions and rejections.  My thesis advisor, Susan Cheever, wanted me to write an essay for her about submissions, rejections, and how it felt to finally have something accepted to a prestigious publication.  However, said publication is making me wait, after having edited a piece for them twice now… so I’m going to hold off on the gloating.  Instead, I am going to list the places where I have submitted and been rejected.

In addition to several publishing houses and literary agencies for my longer piece, I have to brag about my rejections from: The New York Times, The Washington Post, Glimmertrain, The Florida Review, Newsweek, The Daily Beast, Blackwater Review, Washington Square, Crazyhorse, Tin House, The L Magazine, McSweeny’s, etc.  There are about fifty more, but I haven’t been completely dejected yet.

The point is: KEEP GOING.  And as soon as that prestigious magazine emails me back, saying they are going to take the piece, and thank me for the timely edits, I will be able to announce that.  And then we all can rejoice and remember why we are writing.


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