I know that you all have been incredibly sad without me for the past month or so.  But I’m back and better than ever.  Or maybe sort of the same, but now you have to call me Master because I’ve received my MFA in creative nonfiction from The New School.

…I mean, at least… I finished my two thesises (thesi?) whatever.  I turned them in.  And they were both pretty bitchin’ so I’m sure I’ll get my degree.

Anyway, NYC summer is almost upon us.  In fact, I was warned today by my weather bug:

So what does this mean for Wednesday?  Are we going to go into a draught for one day and begin to see mirages?  Is that what the cactus is for?  I’ll let you know.



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  1. Wittier than Perez and way better looking? True facts, my dear, true facts. :D

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