on the hunt

I’ll be graduating in just a matter of two and a half months, and I am faced with a new question: What do you do with an MFA in Creative Writing?  I can teach.  I can edit.  I can proofread.  And, of course, I can write.  What happens if you don’t want to do any of those?  I’ve taken to Craig’s List to find out.

1. Intern.  There are a plethora of jobs in an array of areas.  Starry jobs.  Glamourous ones.  The kind of jobs that you only dream of or see in the movies.  The catch?  THEY’RE FUCKING UNPAID.  No, I don’t want college credit, I’m no longer in college!  Do you really think I want to make you coffee and file until I have paper cuts so that I can -MAYBE- move up in the company in a year?  How do I pay my rent?  How do I eat?  Where is my trust fund?!  (However, if you are still in college and can afford to do it and receive college credit, I would absolutely recommend doing an internship.  They are great resume builders for when you get out of school and need a real job.  Go here to find one.)

2. Donate eggs.  For $8,000 or even $10,000 if I am Jewish or Asian, I can go through the process to donate my eggs and help an infertile couple.  I’ve considered this.  Many times.  I have all of the prerequisites.  Smart, healthy(ish), good test scores, decent hair.  But I don’t know how I feel about being pumped full of hormones…  We’ll see how desperate I get.

3. Dog Walker. I would do this if it was a Shiba Inu or a sweet little French Bulldog.  However, the case is usually three to five Boxers and a Golden Retriever.  They’re taller than I am when they stand up.  I can’t.

4. Upscale Bodyrub Studio.  No.  See also: “pretty girls needed for a foot fetish event.”

5. Take random surveys for paid research. I’ve been doing this.  No results.

…I’ll be hitting the pavement soon.  Updates to follow.


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