i hate fag hags.

Gawker said it best in the last section:

You Are Not a Gay Man Trapped in a Woman’s Body: You may be fierce, sassy, sleep around, wear crazy outfits, and know the good lines from Pink Flamingos, but you are not a gay man. If you were, you would have a penis and a biological imperative to listen to only female vocalists. Even though you may act like it, please don’t ever say it out loud.



3 Responses

  1. to be fair, i found that whole article somewhat offensive and totally based on stereotypes. It wasn’t funny enough to cross over into ‘offensive but funny so it’s okay’ – it relied on stupid stereotypes. I hate when anything relies on stereotypes.

    And i hate when gay guys/lesbians think EVERYONE is gay *coughcough SARA coughcough* but i dont write a whole article about it.

    LOVEYOU <3

  2. it is offensive, but at the same time… stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason. the sweeping generalization is there because a huuuge percentage of the people being stereotyped fulfill that way of acting or being.

    i don’t think everyone is gay… when did i ever say that?

  3. personaly i cant stand fag hags,useless self hateing broken hetro women..go away we dont wont you..stop pestering us ..were not your sisters or your new toys..were sick and tired of all your bullshit..clinging and needy ..fuck off

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