review: the lovely bones

Well.  What can I say?  It’s not so much that Peter Jackson ruined the book, or even the movie… because everyone sees books differently, and subsequently only a very select few have the funds to make that vision a visual, but shit.  I understand that “The Lovely Bones” is supposed to be a very true juxtaposition, but Peter Jackson did something else with it…

He went buck-wild with the CGI, thus ruining the “afterlife” scenes; he made the “lovely” way too precious in a way that turned it to pure cheese.  He made the murderer WAY too fucking creepy and prolonged the murder scene.  Like, I’m seriously going to have nightmares and will need to watch “The Devil Wears Prada” eighteen times to refresh my vision of Stanley Tucci.  (Though, I guess that means they both did a good job.  But whatever.)

The good?  Susan Sarandon made me smile.  And did anyone else catch the “Lord of the Rings” book cameo in the first five minutes?   Let’s discuss.  What’d you think?


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