brand new is dead to me…

…and I’ll tell you why.  Jesse Lacey is a self-indulgent (as if the song lyrics don’t sing this for themselves) prick and only played either slow shitty songs from the new album or slow shitty songs from the second to newest album, which they toured in 2006 with Dashboard Confessional.  There was a moment of redemption in the middle: “Sic Transit Gloria”, and then one at the end, “Seventy Times Seven,” but other than that… no.  Why the hell would you play slow songs for a crowd who wants to hardcore dance, especially when GlassJaw (bless Daryl Palumbo) just KILLED IT on stage right before?

Because you’re a self-indulgent prick.  I’m deleting Daisy from my hard drive and never listening to it again, and never giving them another chance.  But here, download it for free, because giving them another goddamn dime would be a crime.


2 Responses

  1. oh boo hoo. the setlist has been pretty much the same through out this whole entire tour. did you really expect them to play your favorite weapon from beginning to end? they were obviously on tour promoting their newest album, daisy, not playing songs that don’t mean anything to them anymore. get a grip, seriously. what are these “slow, shitty” songs that you are even talking about? last time i checked, vices, sink, archers and bride aren’t slow songs. they aren’t playing the concert just to please you. if you didn’t know, there are probably hundreds of others out there that might want to hear a variety of different songs rather than the same ones over and over. you obviously don’t appreciate brand new.

  2. I have to say that I’m not a fan of Daisy. So now I’m not so jealous that you went to the concert without me.

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