gaga and post-modernism

There is nothing more delicious than literary theory bubbling over into things like music and television.  Two singles and a television show prove that Lady Gaga (or at least her publicists and producers) are fluent in it.

This week, Gossip Girl revolved around Dan rewriting a fairy tale and he ended up rewriting Snow White, having it revolve around the music of Lady Gaga.  The episode ended with a very smart performance.  Snow White is clearly the fairy tale version of what Gaga went through.  She was poor and lived among small furry animals in a forrest (or, attended NYU and lived on the LES, but whatever.)  Then she was, indeed, kissed by prince charming (or producer charming) and there you have it.

Also this week, (or maybe last week now?  sorry I’m super behind…) two singles were released.  The first was Lady Gaga’s “Telephone”  featuring Beyonce and then the remixed version of Beyonce’s “Video Phone” featuring Gaga.  GENIUS!  Although, one may argue that if we were to equate music with technology, Gaga should be the video phone and Beyonce would be the Zack Morris cell phone.  (I almost said rotary telephone, but I think that’s a title left best for Madonna.)

Anyway, check out the episode because it’s delicious, and download the singles here:

Lady Gaga f/ Beyonce – Telephone

Beyonce f/ Lady Gaga – Video Phone


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  1. Ok, and where does the post-modernism come into it? You lured me in by dropping pomo and I want the goods. Don’t be a theory tease.

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