on a sick day…

I’ve been piling through movies.  First I had to get through the ones I had sporadically DVR’ed (Catch Me If You Can, Never Been Kissed, Ratatouille), BUT THEN there was the golden DVD that had come in via Netflix.  The Care Bears Movie.  Yes, in all of its cheesy late 80’s glory.

And I got to thinking, as I watched the movie through the eyes of a discerning adult instead of those of a naive child, that perhaps my ideals and some of my morals were shaped by this television show / movie.  They push the importance of talking about feelings, which between this show and therapy throughout childhood, I think I’ve got it covered.

I wonder if certain people who I interact with (or, frankly, no longer do) could have used a heavy dose of Care Bears as a child…  Just throwing that out there.


One Response

  1. I remember renting that movie almost every weekend when I was a child because I loved it so much.

    Excellent choice!

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