an opinion on…

…douche-bag New Yorkers.

Now, I’m not talking about the stereotype that all people from NYC are jerks.  That is actually quite far from the case.  Most people up here are very helpful and friendly, especially if you are lost.  Especially if you are lost, going to New Jersey on the PATH train.

BUT.  I am talking about the sort of people who live downtown, so they won’t leave downtown.  They live in the East Village or maybe the West Village or maybe even Brooklyn (which makes for a better excuse to not travel above 14th Street – but only slightly).  But let’s think about this.  The entire island is about 13 miles.  THIRTEEN. MILES.

When I lived in Florida, that was about HALF the drive to school in the morning.  That was 1/3 of the drive to Disney from college.  That was an entire city away.

I hate having to be punished for wanting to live with more space, rather than in an 2×4 downtown for twice the price.  LEAVE THE VILLAGE!  There is more to this city than just your stupid bars and American Apparel-clad friends!  I’m not saying come all the way up to Harlem (unless I’m sick and need soup, which I am and I do) but at least try out Hell’s Kitchen or the Upper West Side.  It’s nice!


3 Responses

  1. I travel more than the average downtown bear. But really – most of the gay bars are in the village, so i have no reason to leave. Duh.

    • Seconded. And I think Vicky is the new Sara.

  2. what the shit?

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