the @ reply

Facebook is on its way to becoming Twitter. Not only has it changed its status interface to mimick Twitter’s method of update by removing the “is” and even the line break after comments on walls and photos, but now there will be @replies, or in this case, @mentions.

This makes it so a user can be alerted when they are being talked about or in a more positive light: being name dropped. The entire thing is turning into something that reminds me way too much of a high school popularity contest. This will now make a division in Facebook world…

Those who need to @name drop to validate themselves, those who get off on being @name dropped because they are insecure, and those who refuse to use the feature.

I’ll be sticking to talking at people on Twitter, thanks.


2 Responses

  1. it won’t show up as “@soandso” when you look at it, though….pressing @ will bring up your f-list and you’ll be able to select which friend you’re talking about and they get tagged in the note…it also works with pages, groups, etc. it actually looks kinda cool to me.

  2. I didn’t know this was happening. . . but thank you for the information and commentary on the matter. :)

    Didn’t you use to have some blogs on Tumblr?
    As a blog guru of sorts, would you be able inform and comment on why or why not Tumblr?

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