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So the question of the night popped up: do black people hate mayonnaise?  Don’t ask the context – don’t remember.  After searching upon searching, I finally came across a few of what may be the answers:

– The answer, without flinching, is YES.

When I was pumping a big-booty black girl in the mid-80s (and the only people who gave us shit were the brothas), she told me that her family considered mayonnaise, along with everything containing peppermint, to be “white people’s food.” This always stuck with me and made its way into The Redneck Manifesto:

I’d like to invite every black person in America over to my house for dinner. I hope you like mayonnaise on Wonder bread and peppermint soda.

From my own experience, black people don’t like coffee, either. By extension, they aren’t too keen on crystal meth.

Do they hate other white-colored condiments as well? How about horseradish? Or marshmallow sauce?

Check out another gem and then another amazing answer after the jump!

Netjerk pals, everyone knows that hot sauce is the preferred AfroAmerican condiment.  Also, George Washington Carver invented peanut butter as a gooberlicious alternative to the mayo oppressively slathered by the White Devils.  If any of you steal my million dollar idea for Spicy Cayenne Peanut Butter, I will kill you.

But nothing is whiter than Miracle Whip, which is vile beyond description.  I hear if you cut a Southern Baptist, that’s what they bleed.

Here are more!

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  1. My dad eats peanut butter AND mayonnaise sandwiches. He’s obviously confused.

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