speaking of which…

Speaking of 500 Days of Summer, I recently read an article in the LA Times about how every relationship has a soundtrack, and it likely isn’t good if your relationship starts out with a mutual loving for The Smiths.  I guess I can see that, although Zooey Dechanel’s character was a fan of The Smiths, her personality somehow… went awry.  A person can be into the most heartbreakingly wonderful music, and end up a cold hearted something-or-other in the end.

This brings up a good question.  Can you really truly judge a person by their collection of music?  Take me for example, in my “this week” iPod playlist, I have Miley Cyrus, Kid Cudi, Imogen Heap, MuteMath, Rise Against, Midnight Matinee, and the list is rounded off by Jamie Foxx and Missy Higgins.  What does that reveal?  My current “most listened to”, however, is Midnight Matinee, Owl City, and Demi Lovato (I know, I know.)  So does this mean I am a cheesy Disney loving secret emo baby?  With a slight affinity for autotune?  Well that’s pretty much it, yes.  But this varies from the mix CD’s I make for people who I am dating.  And not to mention the mixes that exist for “sleeping”, “sadness”, “working out,” and then “90’s”.

Sorry, that was an unnecessary tangent.  Back to the article.  It also says that “you have good taste in music” is a today’s equivalent to “I love you.”  I wouldn’t go as far as saying that.  Good music taste does not love make.  But trust me, there’s a playlist for that, too.


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