Technologically ADD?

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It’s true.  It just took me a 5 hour bus ride to finally believe in ADD.  But not the kind that a doctor diagnoses a child because he or she is hyperactive and has a learning disability.  This is a new sort, that I think has been brought upon us by the Internet generation.

I have a Twitter, a Facebook, a MySpace, a different journal, this public blog, and probably a few other outlets including texting and then writing and talking and blahblahblah.  It’s overload!  There’s YouTube, AIM, my RSS feed, Pandora, iTunes, bookmarks, chaos!  And not to mention physical books to be read.

So let’s think of a breakdown.  I tweet random things that I don’t want to write in the proper 3rd person Facebook status style.  I write in my journal the things that are too personal for this blog.  I don’t really use MySpace at all.  And if I have your number, I text you.  Simple, yes?

NO!  IT ISN’T!  Because I noticed as I was on that bus today, that I couldn’t just SIT.  I always have something to Google.  I always have something I feel like I should blog or tweet or update or do and go and if I’m not doing something I feel restless and like I should be doing something.

I need iTherapy.


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