what do you do with a BA in English?

Try to decipher evasive things you wrote a year ago:

Reactions are in factions and I know for a fact that they’re set up to be torn down and without the fall, there is no rise, but why can’t we just have them settle? Be still, they say. Be calm, they want. Don’t react to the act and there will be no fact but the truth of the matter is that with or without it, there will be one regardless or who or what or when. Why and how, on the other hand are two different factors in the factions of reactions and I dare to say, say to bet that without the reasoning of the initial movement, there would be no pretense under which it were to happen again. Does that make sense? No, but the initial action didn’t either. So I can sit here trying to spite, in order not to spite, or not knowing what exactly is being spited by the lack of action to my over reaction and it’s not even like it’s a big deal because I won but did I really?


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