i can haz?

I’m trying to figure out what sort of puppy was in the movie “The Proposal”.  So far I think it’s either a puppy Samoyed or a Spitz:


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  1. ima sishu mato nitu lato ecusho kito maha chichu samoyed nahala putu nahala samu samoyed non spitz doh laz proposal.

    o.q. hamsha futu laritz ma lieko samoyed mo da lez spitz. =P

    • For Eveybody that type of dog is called a American Eskimo Puppy

  2. im trying to find out to hes so cute.

  3. the puppy is an american eskimo also know as spitz i know this because i have two american eskimo puppies.

    • Also Jodie Raine its not a Spirz ok i have eeyr sngle dog in the world im rich enough to buy one of each its not a spitz its an American Eskimo

  4. it’s a samoyed puppy. i want one! they are so adorable.

  5. This puppy is so cute. Even though the proposal scene with Sandra Bullock and the puppy was hilarious, it was horrible too. That would like never really happen in reality.

  6. can i bye it

  7. I actully can’t speak Englisch but I really like those dogs. They are just cute!!!

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