without a doubt…

Preface: if you are Emily Venable, please don’t read this.  You may cry.  xoxo


No Doubt’s concert is going to be one of the summer tours to top.  Holy banana, it was amazing!  And I was all the way in the back in the mud on the lawn in the cheap seats!  I can’t stop using exclamation points!  Paramore opened for them (I didn’t get inside in time for The Sounds because there was a monsoon going on.  Welcome to summer in Florida.)  But Paramore was great, as always.  Hayley Williams has delightful stage presence, and I could see her orange hair from about 300 feet away.  Kudos to her and her stylist.

Anyway, the big show.  No Doubt.  They played all of their classics, which was amazing.  But I must say, besides that and Gwen being a total peach, taking pictures with fans and being so nice and great to the crowd, THE SET DESIGN WAS FUCKING EPIC AND UNBELIEVABLE!  I want to see the show again at the end of the summer in NYC just so that I can get better seats and a closer view of the stage.  They had interactive video in the background playing with the stage and the lights and oh man just everything was glorious.

Definitely see it.  Whether you are in the nose-bleeds dancing in the mud, or up front, it’s well worth every cent and ringworm.


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  1. i’m assuming you were in west palm?

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