flip flops


So what?

So what?



There is buzz about Pink “coming out” as bisexual this past weekend.  And while that’s all well and good, there are three things here impeding this as some great feat:

1. She’s still with her ex husband, Carey Hart.(or did they get remarried?  I can’t keep track.)

2. Um duh, didn’t we know this all along?  I mean she did collaborate with Linda Perry for many of her songs.  If that isn’t a dead giveaway, then what is?  Oh I know: maybe her first video.  Look at her!

3. A quote I blogged last year: “I’m not gay so I guess I wouldn’t try a relationship with a woman… I didn’t say I haven’t experimented but I love men too much to make it a permanent thing.”  

So Pink, what is it?


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