technology and relationships

The other day in class, we were discussing how since we have such instantaneous access to technology, we also have instantaneous access to people through it.  IM’s, MySpace, Facebook, email, texting — all of these things have made people more accessible, and therefore we are constantly in communication, which probably propels relationships to move at faster speeds.  I am totally guilty of this, and am wondering, with the next person I date, what would happen if I were to only use phone calling as the only mode of communication…

Would things last longer because we’d talk less and have to get to know each other in person and would these meetings be more special because there would be less chatting and more face time?  Or, as a generation, are we doomed because of the text and the IM and the Facebook?  Is there a way to subvert the paradigm of technology in today’s dating world?


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  1. Good thoughts.
    I think that when we communicate through text, im, etc, that we aren’t really getting the full picture of the person that we are interacting with. So then once we get face to face the relationship is based on a total false perception of how a person acts and carries their self–causing the relationship to go sour quickly (much like that text relation video that you posted a long while ago).

    “They” say 70% of communication is not what we say but how we say it. Text, and fb, and im just aren’t conducive to cultivating long lasting relationship–especially if there hasn’t been a strong foundation of face to face interaction before the relationship starts to be sustained through 140 character messages.

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  4. well said , my dear !!!! As you know it even happens to the Baby Boomers, how awful. Everyone should do away with the pretend conversations. One cannpt tell by text, facebook, etc.. tone of voice, depth of emption, beit pain, elation, whatever, it is a guessing game, when it should be face to face or “voice to voice”, and stop hiding behind the keyboard. Not reality Go for it, next time around, It is more vulnerable, but open and honest, no hiding anymore

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