hot gossip!

So much went on in that hour.  Where do we start?  Maybe with little J and her Sweet 16, which turned more into Serena’s return to socialitism?  And yes, I just made that word up.  J “turned a sophisticated soiree into a teenage rager.”  Of course this was after S “turned a Scrabble and sloppy joe party into a sophisticated soiree” in a desperate attempt to subvert being a high schooler?  Breaking up with boyfriend, fighting with friends, OH POOR SERENA!

OHOH WAIT.  I never watch commercials, but I saw the Hannah Montana Movie trailer and totally geeked out.  APRIL ELEVENTH!  NEED. to. go.

And then the whole love square with VanessaChuckNateBlair?  Trite.  And don’t even get me started on Blair’s schpeil about it being easy to be with Nate.  AGHHHH @ EASY.  Do not want.

Can we discuss how many random things were randomly placed in the show?  The Strand bookstore?  Anne Coulter?!?!  Hulu?  Dumb.

In other news, I think the writers of Grey’s Anatomy must have forked over their monologue writers (even though I wouldn’t know since I haven’t watched this season).  However:

mistakes, we all make them.  they usually start with the best of intentions, like keeping a secret to protect someone.  or getting some distance from the person you’ve become.  sometimes, we don’t even know what mistakes we’ve made to get us where we are.  or, we figure it out just in time to make it right again.  but every mistake happens for a reason: to teach you a lesson you would otherwise never learn.  and hopefully, you never make that mistake again.  lucky for me, that never happens.

xoxo, gossip girl


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