hot gossip!

Last night’s episode definitely was redemption for the previous week (since there were tons of people apparently upset with it.) (I personally saw nothing wrong with it, but then again, I was watching it on a movie screen, and as previously mentioned, had about 10 feet of Chace Crawford on my wall.)

ANYWAY, did anyone notice that Chuck, for most of the episode, was wearing a Pee-Wee Herman suit?  It was killing me.  KILLING ME.  He had the hair and everything, agh!

Secondly, which should probably come first, did anyone notice how the touch football game looked like an Abercrombie photo shoot?  I know this because I’ve attended Abercrombie photo shoots before and they looked just like that.  Uh huh, yep.

Third, has anyone else seen the new Rolling Stone cover?  HOT!


…that was distracting.  I can’t discuss the show anymore.  Must go read the issue of Rolling Stone now.


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  1. i actually gave up several episodes ago, it’s just that i was behind and just…had enough i guess. ha. it’s not a bad show, but i just couldn’t get into this season at all.

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