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Mindfulness Training

1. Don’t be dogmatic or seek any final system.  None exists.  Practice intellectual flexibility in order to be able to exude compassion for others.  

2. Distinguish between conceptual knowledge and wisdom gained from more immediate experience.  Don’t confuse the one with the other. Consciously limit the desire for concpetual knowledge just as you would any other desire.

3. Don’t follow the crowd.  And don’t follow the crowd that never follws the crowd.  Embrace your own individuality, realizing it is both inevitable and invaluable.

4. Prioritize your search for understanding as follows: start with what causes you the most suffering and work out from there.

5. Live simply to free up time for your spiritual quest.  

6. When anger arises, focus immediately on your breathing.  Use this as a distancing device to discern why it has arisen.  No individual is solely responsible for what is undesirable about them.  We would not blame a tree we planted for growing poorly.  Individuals are the result of an environment we all share, just like the tree.

7. Try to remain in the present and avoid the abstractions of past and future.
8. Study dharma and intend toward kindness to learn how to avoid disputes in the first place and how to resolve them.

9. As much as possible, choose a livelihood that does not harm people, animals, or the environment.

10. Live in a way such that as few jobs as possible will involve doing harm to our world.

11. It is more sensible to try to avoid the conditions which cause a war than to stop wars once they start.

12. Sex and sexual relationships will not alone relieve our feelings of lineliness and longing for connection.  Without proper connection they will in fact increase our isolation.  Focus on the needs of the other in love to gain the desired sense of fulfillment.


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