Here is an interesting chart/graph/whatever you math people want to call it depicting the correlation between the music one listens to and their SAT score.  The title?  “Music That Makes You Dumb.”  Love it! 

I’m not sure how well-researched this was, and why they didn’t poll anyone in the perfect score range, but at the time that I took the SAT, one of my favorite bands was Blink182 and I’m more in the Ben Folds/Sufjan Stevens range…


4 Responses

  1. Um…so…what the hell was I listening to? Is Bjork @ 1600?

  2. Bjork is DEFINITELY @ like -1000.

  3. so i guess listening to classical music means you’re at the low 1000’s, but listening to beethoven puts you up to genius levels.

    silly, but fun. i didn’t see any of my favorite bands on there (now or circa 2002), but i do know the bands that they identify as my SAT range /suck/.

  4. Did Keith really get 1600 on his SAT’s ???>?

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