esoteric lexicon

I’m compiling a list of words that aren’t used often enough in daily conversation.  This will be an ongoing section in this little blog-o-mine.  Prepare yourself.  The first:

CHUFFED.  This is an adjective normally used by Brits, but hey – I think we should bring it up over here, and in a big way.  It means “proud / pleased / satisfied”.  Example: I am chuffed with my progress.  

However, it can also mean the exact opposite: “annoyed, displeased, disgruntled”.  Example: I’m chuffed with the current weather conditions.  I personally prefer the positive, but it kind of sounds like a negative word anyway.  Like chafing, you know?  I don’t know, it also sort of makes me think of a bird, all puffed up (maybe with pride.)  See also:



This blog may be the inspiration for a future video blog section.  Maybe.  Again, prepare yourselves.


2 Responses

  1. During my lovely time in the UK, I found chuffed to be about 70 percent negative and 30 percent positive. Like my office mates were always saying, I’m so chuffed to be in the office on this monday….and very rarely, “I’m chuffed with myself for doing good on this report….”

    PS. I love the pink dolphin! In Asia, there are these things called the Irrawaddy pink river dolphins…I am hoping to lay eyes on one of these but I am not too sure that the vibrancy of that shade of pink below will be the same in a mere river dolphin.

  2. So chuffed! I love it. What a darling chuffed bird. We need more words like this.

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