Here is an interesting article about 9 words that you really don’t know the meaning of…

Thanks, CPD!


5 Responses

  1. i hate…hate…HATE ‘irregardless’. it pisses me off so much.

    a few of these are kinda wrong: ‘pristine’, and ‘plethora’, for instance, have more than one meaning – including the definitions that this article labels as “wrong”.

    some surprised me, though, like ‘peruse’ and ‘nonplussed’. definitely have used those wrongly in the past.

  2. I agree. I knew that some were wrong and noted that pristine and plethora have alternate meanings, but the rest of them were interesting, and I figured it was worthy of being reposted. :)

    You’re going to get a prize soon for being my #1 commenter, haha.

  3. Dru beats me everytime!!! And writes much better!!

  4. haha, i try…;)

  5. itm must just come easy , mazel tov!!!!

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