the SOV is back!

Lady Sovereign is dropping a new album in April — “Jigsaw”.  And while her first single is supposed to be “So Human”, there are two videos floating about.  I like this one lot, a lot.  Here it is:

There is a also video out for “I Got You Dancing.”  I’m not crazy about it, and her dressing up as Rizzo from Grease sort of freaks me out.  And actually, when the braids come out, she starts to look like Sporty Spice.  Anyone else see that?  

I’m really looking forward to the rest of the album and can only hope that the genius in her lyrics from her previous album lent itself to her sophomore release.  Hey, Veronica… remember that one time you made out with her?  Hahahah.


4 Responses

  1. Hi! Like your blog! Are you on twitter as well? … and who’s Veronica? O.O

  2. i am on twitter, but i rarely use it. the name is the same as my blog! :)

  3. i never liked ‘i got you dancing’ :\
    but if the new album is half as good as the last, i should be satisfied…

  4. hahaha, yes, I do remember it well. I swear she was sponsored by Heineken for that tour or something. I thought you would forget

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