conspiracy theory / 90’s throwback!

Once upon a time there was a Russian band named TaTu.  Once upon a time, they were posing as lesbians in the late 90’s.  Once upon a time, it was found out that they were actually straight and then no one liked them anymore.  Once upon a time, their hit single “All The Things She Said” came on my iPod and I actually listened to the lyrics.  Once upon a time, I made up a conspiracy theory: Ilene Chaiken produced this band and one of The L Word writers wrote the lyrics to this very song, because it seems crazily accurate.  See here.


2 Responses

  1. aw, dangerous and moving was great. they have a new album out as well (well, if 2007 is new) and the singles are okay, although not good enough for me to get really interested, i guess.

    this still remains their best song:

  2. :D nice theory!

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