American Idol favorite!

I don’t know what the judges were talking about last night, Casey Carlson did an amazing job.  Check out the video for her cover of “Every Little Thing (He) Does is Magic”.

she's so cute.



5 Responses

  1. cute? yes. good singer? not in that clip…
    but i haven’t been watching this season so i can’t comment on her other performances…

    you should totally check out diana vickers, who got 4th place on this year’s x-factor. totally robbed, she’s right up your alley…

  2. Oh I do love her! White Flag is such a brilliant song…

  3. nice image ….

    the last one….

  4. pretty yes, strong voice, no!!!!

  5. Ew, she’s terrible!

    Her performance was Sarah Palin-esque. *wink, shake, wink*

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