experiment in twittering

At the recommendation of a friend or two, I signed up for Twitter – but I really can’t pull my mind around why it’s so great, or why I need it when I have The Facebook Status.  Is it more acceptable to update this more frequently?  Maybe.  But exactly 501 fewer people know me on Twitter, so I don’t see a point.  ANYWAY, instead of Live Blogging the Grammy Awards (which, BTW, I feel were the best since like, 1998), I tried Twittering (Tweeting?) them (obviously going backwards in chronological order).  Web 2.0 is my love, but I really don’t think I can stay on the Twitter train…



My top 3 highlights definitely have to be Adele (just in general, because I heart her), the Taylor/Miley performance, aaaaand Blink182’s reunion announcement.  SO EXCITED!


One Response

  1. There really is nothing great about Twitter – nothing that Facebook and MySpace can’t do better.

    Still, added you ;)

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