Facebook HAS made HS reunions unnecessary

Jezebel put it perfectly.  55%* of the reason I didn’t attend my high school reunion is likely because of Facebook.  Half of my friends from high school live up here in NYC, the other half, I am constantly in touch with, and then the percentage of people I could care less about?  I stalk them on Facebook anyway.  I know who is married, I know who is engaged, I know who has had a baby (and consequently, who else has had a shotgun wedding due to the aforementioned.)  

So why go back home to see how poorly people have aged or how they have changed when you can just click to see?  It’s like we’re constantly having a high school reunion.  It’s just on the internet.  And without less alcohol (well, depending…)


*I also couldn’t go home because I had a friend in town for Christmas, and didn’t want to leave my (in)significant other.


4 Responses

  1. I agree with that.

    A friend of mine keeps organizing elementary school reunions, the whole “it’s been 10 years” thing.

    The problem I have with that is that I don’t want to see these people and I have nothing to say to them. As long as they are on my friends list on Facebook, I’m fine not getting together with them.

    Facebook has left me with this burning desire to avoid everyone I went to school with. The way I see it, if you put your personal information online for the world to see, I don’t have to every communicate with you in person ever again.

  2. true, but don’t lie sara…i know you’re going to end up at your hs reunion, facebook or not!

  3. haha, my hs reunion was in december and i didn’t go!!

  4. you already had a hs reunion? way too soon, do they expect massive ODs or something?

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